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ASIS&T 2013 Conference Update

Several RU ASIS&T members represented Rutgers at the 76th annual meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), held Nov 1-5 2013, in Montreal QC, Canada. The theme for the 2013 Conference was “Beyond the Cloud: Rethinking Information Boundaries.”

Congratulations to RU ASIS&T members Vanessa Kitzie and Erik Choi, and RU ASIS&T adviser Chirag Shah, who won the SIG USE Best Poster Award for “From Bad to Good: An Investigation of Question Quality and Transformation.”

In addition, RU ASIS&T member Xiaofeng Li presented the poster “An Exploratory Study of Middle School Student’s Sensemaking in a Collaborative Game Design Educational Project,” with Rebecca Reynolds.  Xiaofeng Li also presented the paper “Collaborative Information Seeking in the Wild: Middle Schooler’s Self Initiated Teamwork Strategies to Support Game Design,” with Rebecca Reyonds and Eun Jung Baik.

RU ASIS&T members Vanessa Kitzie, Erik Choi, and and RU ASIS&T adviser Chirag Shah presented their paper “Analyzing Question Quality through Intersubjectivity: World Views and Objective Assessments of Questions on Social-Question Answering.”

RU ASIS&T members Erik Choi, Vanessa Kitzie, and RU ASIS&T adviser and Chirag Shah presented the poster “’10 Points for the Best Answer!’ – Baiting for Explicating Knowledge Contributions within Online Q&A.”

RU ASIS&T members Dongho Choi and Ziad Matni also attended this year’s conference.